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Consistacom webinars are designed as an introduction to new best practices in Avaya call center management. They are a blend of management overview and live online demonstrations. The focus is on what is possible and why it is practical. Each session is kept small so there is time for interactive Q and A.

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Live Webinars

Thursday, June 13, 201311:00am EDTAutomatic Documentation for Avaya Powered Call Centers
Tuesday, June 18, 20132:00pm EDTAutomatic Documentation for Avaya Powered Call Centers

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When ESS Is Not Enough

Large contact centers have disaster recovery needs that cannot always be met with conventional ESS solutions. Even small, highly dynamic centers need more than plain ESS. Now there is a proven, highly configurable off-the-shelf solution that meets the needs of massive multi-switch networks as well as a single switch with ESS. It is so reliable that enterprises run disaster exercises at will. It even checks itself every day, reports problems that will prevent full disaster recovery, and then fixes them! This is also the only solution that provides true continuity of the caller experience across a multi-switch network.

New! Automatic Documentation For Avaya Powered Call Centers

Perhaps the most common problem faced by call center technical managers is the need for accurate, timely documentation of the incoming call flows they are handling. The technical staff is so busy making critical changes in call handling that documentation constantly gets pushed off until "later". Now there is a way to get 100% accurate documentation plus automated assistance analyzing programs for errors, identifying and reclaiming stranded resources, and taking advantage of new cost-saving programming techniques that demand accurate record-keeping. This overview is a manager-level look at what is possible, why it is needed, and how it pays for itself.

Busting Remote Access Myths

Corporate voice telecomm departments finally have the option of buying standardized, automated management services for their Avaya telephone systems. These remotely hosted services are driving down costs and enhancing revenue in contact centers. Voice managers sometimes encounter stiff opposition from uninformed data networking management and the corporate Security Department. Learn the facts about secure remote service delivery in this webinar.

  • Why secure remote access to your Avaya system is usually more secure than bringing a consultant on-site
  • Options for securely attaching to Avaya systems
  • Why customers always have absolute security control over partner VPNs
  • The difference between site-to-site and client-to-site VPN connections
  • Bandwidth Requirements for remote services
  • Comparing on-site versus remotely hosted engagement costs
Closing the Change Management loop for Avaya systems

Most enterprises have policies and procedures to approve and schedule changes. What they don't have is a record of what work was actually done. Learn how to close that gap, and even how to detect unauthorized changes.

New Best Practices for Agent Management in the Avaya Call Center

Do you know how agent skill and configuration settings are changed in your Avaya call center? Not what is supposed to be done, but how the work is actually performed? You may have a modern workforce management system that automates scheduling and adherence, but changes to the Avaya ACD are probably executed by hand, using cheat sheets and desktop databases. Learn how to automate this process across the enterprise and pay for it in as little as 2 months.

Agent performance management in the Avaya call center

Managing agent performance gets a lot of lip service, but most contact centers don't use the actionable data they have accumulated. By integrating performance management analysis and new Avaya automated management solutions, you can use performance management to immediately drive higher revenue. Learn how one early adopter has benefited, and how the overall process works.

Expanding Avaya Disaster Recovery Options

Designing the right Disaster Recovery solution for telephone system can involve many compromises and hard choices. Consistacom management solutions give you expanded Disaster Recovery options for Avaya powered networks, using Avaya's industry leading manageability interfaces. From hot standby to a single-switch enterprise with ESS to multiple load sharing switches, there are new alternatives and enhancements that increase functionality and availability. This webinar will explore two working designs that have been proven by an actual disaster and scheduled outages. Broad-spectrum day to day business continuity in a multi-switch network will also be demonstrated. Join us and see how your voice network team can automatically maintain and prove disaster preparedness to your management every day.

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